Those who are fearless, who fight against pain to find glory.

Father & son at HockenheimRing track. 

From embroidery to textile selection and design, our team of professionals is dedicated to creating your very own fashion. In keeping with the spirit of our French roads and the dream machines that travel them, our collection will mark your passion with French touch and quality.

One lifestyle built to last as our passion

Sans Plomb = Unleaded in reference to the fuel, but also to the expression “péter les plombs” in French, meaning “to lose one’s mind”.
By extension, unleaded means for us unlimited, free.

Freedom is what brings us together and our way of life.

Our clothes will follow you on all your journeys, and remind you at every moment of this spirit of limitless freedom!

Display your enthusiasm

Born in 80 display with the name of all great places in France, because that’s we are :
born in the 80, working hard for quality, wanting to expose France beauty and authentic enthousiast.

Our bikes and our cars are made in our own image, with perseverance and passion, and without waiting for others to look at them. You deserve what you earn. You make your own choices.

Work hard, ride hard, ride free.

Join the roadtrip!

Our way of life.